214 Color Strata Workshop - Instructor Rob Appell

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  • 214  Color Strata Workshop
    Rob Appell
    Confident Beginner - Advanced
    45” x 45” (or any size)

    Spend a Day with Rob, and learn from his experiment in color strata building. These quilts were first created as a part of the “Inspired by Libby Lehman” exhibit. A group of quilt designers were asked to create  a 30” x 30” fiber art piece that could be auctioned off to help raise money for Libby and her Family. Rob found the strata in her quilts quite intriguing, and so his newest quilt journey began. He made a bunch of Color Strata using high density cotton solids, and began constructing quilt after quilt. These Strata quilts are so fun, easy, and a great canvas for machine quilting. This workshop will focus on cutting and constructing the various types of strata, adding pop colors, and building a quilt top. The choices in designs are limitless, and Rob warns you, these quilts are highly addictive!! 

    Book Optional: Color Strata by Rob Appell
    (Kit available)

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