110 Hummingbird - Instructor Frieda Anderson


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  • 110 Hummingbird - Instructor Frieda Anderson
    1 Day - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm . . . $85
    Level: Confident Beginner
    Size: Wall Quilt (no sewing machine required)

    This quilt was inspired by the hummingbirds that visit Frieda’s yard every year and buzz around all the flowers she plants to attract them into her garden. She plants Morning Glories by the mail box to twirl around the post and box, and the Hummingbirds love to visit these trumpeting flowers through out the morning. Using soft pastel colors for the background and vibrant green/aqua silk for the hummingbird this quilt will charm any viewer with it’s fun and whimsical nature. This is a raw edged fusing class.

    Lab Fee: $40 (Kit)