305 United Colors - Instructor Scott Hansen


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  • 305 United Colors

    Scott Hansen 
    1 Day - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm . . . $85
    Level: Confident Beginner
    Size: 50” x 72” 

    This quilt can be equally stunning in prints or solids, or a combination of both. The key is a lot of variety in your scraps and working the values of dark and light, while simultaneously shifting from “hot” colors to “cool” colors. With simple piecing, you can create strong visual drama. Also, it’s easy to add “flags” to the rows or columns to increase or decrease the size. Pick a rainbow theme like the model, or stick to a stricter palette. Red to black on one side and white on the other? Go for it. Plum in the middle, pink on the left, and orange on the right? Sounds like a great plan! United Colors can be flowery and feminine, or uber masculine – you decide.
    Pattern Required: United Colors by Scott Hansen