312 Lone Star Mini - Instructor Tara Faughnan


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  • 312 Lone Star Mini
    Tara Faughnan
    1 Day - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm . . . $85
    Level: Intermediate
    Size: 20” x 20” or 30” x 30” 

    Learn how to tackle eight-pointed stars and create your own version of a scrappy Lone Star quilt. In this class we will cover y-seams, sewing bias edges, and how to nest angled seams to create precise points. We will learn how to scale the design, and go over different types of layouts from traditional to off center grids. Students will work on a mini quilt (20” or 30” – student choice) and learn the techniques of construction that can be applied to any size Lone Star.