314 - 414 Making Friends With Your Machine - Instructor Rob Appell

  • 314 - 414 Making Friends With Your Machine
    Rob Appell
    2 Days - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm . . . $170
    Level: All
    Size: N/A

    Learn from Rob’s vast knowledge of the technical side of sewing machine service and operations. He will explain how to troubleshoot all of those “what gives” moments, especially while free motion machine quilting. Learn how to check and adjust your tensions, needle and thread choices, accessories, and much more. Understand how your machine is designed to work, and how we can benefit by understanding the set up of different machines. The class will be mostly lecture, with a bit of hands on skill building. Rob will help students to understand their own equipment, so that they can apply their knowledge when they return home. He will also address body mechanics, physical techniques, and practice drills for quick improvement.