521 Curvelets - Itty Bitty Handsewn Curves - Instructor Jen Carlton Bailly


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  • 521 Curvelets - Itty Bitty Handsewn Curves
    Jen Carlton Bailly
    1 Day - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm . . . $85
    Level: Confident Beginner
    Size: Small

    Slow down, take a seat, quite your mind, and start stitching. In this class we will learn how to prep, mark, cut, hand sew, and piece together these tiny curves that finish at 1 inch! Don’t let it scare you – embrace these tiny curves as something fun and new that you can take this wherever you go! This is a confident beginner level class and no prior hand sewing skills are needed.

    Template Purchase Optional

    Starter pack available.