409 : Free-Form Hand Embroidery

409 : Free-Form Hand Embroidery

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Laura Wasilowski

1 Day - Thursday, July 7 - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm . . . $120

Level: Confident Beginner

Size: Small Wallhanging (no sewing machine required)

Create a densely embroidered vignette using a relaxing art form, free- form hand embroidery. Your free-form embroidery begins by improvising with a kit of wool and felt fabrics to make the background of your design. Then hand stitchery is added. Use pearl cotton threads to embellish fabric shapes with various stitch combinations or build freestanding embroidered shapes that leap off the fabric. Enjoy the ease of stitching with wool and felt and create a unique design full of lively color and texture.

Lab Fee: $35 (Kit)