Quilt Show Sunday! Lecture with Helen & Jenny
Quilt Show Sunday! Lecture with Helen & Jenny
Quilt Show Sunday! Lecture with Helen & Jenny

Quilt Show Sunday! Lecture with Helen & Jenny

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If the Sunday lecture is filled, please  email admin@soqs.org  to sign up for their waiting list.

10:00 am - Sunday, July 10, 2022
FivePine Lodge

Featured Lecturers:  Helen Robinson & Jenny Pendigo

Join us Sunday for lecture with Helen and Jenny of Sew Kind of Wonderful.

Buy pretty fabric. Cut it into tiny bits. Sew it back together.  This is either really CRAZY or GENIUS or BOTH! LOL! Every quilter knows the thrill of the magical journey of making a quilt! Jenny and Helen have been passengers on the quilt journey since 1997! Jenny and Helen are sisters that love to get together and be creative!  “Quilting was that ‘thing’ we got to do together when we had a few weeks in the summers or over holidays since we lived 1,788 miles apart. We spent years collaborating on making quilts, trying the latest quilt trend and making quilt gifts for family and friends.

In 2009 we challenged each other to come up with a “quilting” tool or method that we could do together that would create more opportunities for us and our families to spend time together and make quilting even more fun than it already was!  Jenny is always ready for a challenge!  She called Helen one day and said, “I think we should sew curves!”

...It’s now 2021 and Jenny and Helen have developed 3 tools that make cutting and sewing curves fast and easy, 1 tool for cutting angled straight pieces, 4 square-up rulers, 3 longarm rulers, over 130 patterns, 6 books and 2 fabric lines for FreeSpirit Fabrics! How did they get here?  How did their little bit of crazy passion turn into an established business?  Join them to learn more about their passions, business, and creative processes.