Is Quilter’s Affair 2020 canceled? Quilter’s Affair is postponed until 2021. There will be no Quilter’s Affair in 2020, but we are offering the same set of classes & events in 2021.

When is QA 2021? July 5th – July 9th, with Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2021 on July 10th.

Is Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2021 canceled? At this time there are no plans to  cancel it.  For more info, check out SOQS.org

When is Quilt Show Registration? Quilt Registration will run February 17 – May 21 (or until it fills up – whichever comes first).
For more info, check out SOQS.org

I want to keep all my classes for QA 2021. What do I need to do? Nothing, you’re already registered for 2021 with the same classes and events. We will take care of updating your registration and will send you a new confirmation letter later.

I don’t know if I can come to QA 2021 yet. When is the last day to request a refund? You can request a refund for classes (less the $25 registration fee) until May 31, 20201. Once you request a refund your class spots become available and will go to the first person on the waitlist. If you are unsure, hold on to your reservation.

I can’t come to QA 2021. How can I get a refund? Email lawry@stitchinpost.com to request a refund. Please include your full name, email used for registration, and a registration number if you have it. Lawry will answer emails and send checks as quickly as she is able, but please keep in mind she is only one person. Email only, please. We do not have the staff to answer all of your calls and Lawry is working from home and will get to you faster through email.

I’m already registered. How can I change or add classes? You can add any available classes, events, or extras on our website at any time. For changes, email lawry@stitchinpost.com with your registration information and the list of classes you wish to change. As class spots become available, Lawry will fill them from the waitlist (more info about waitlists below). Don’t forget to check your emails for a code to waive the registration fee, so you will only pay the registration fee once, when you first sign up.

I didn’t register for QA 2020, but I want to come to QA 2021. How can I sign up? You can register on the website at any time for classes with available spots (even if the dates haven’t been updated yet). You can also email Lawry@stitchinpost.com and request to be added to a waitlist for any sold out classes you hope to attend. You will be notified if a seat becomes available. 

Do you have waitlists for sold out classes? Yes. Please email
lawry@stitchinpost.com and let her know which class wait list you would like to be added to. You will be notified if a seat becomes available.

How do the waitlists work? Names are added to the list by the time stamp of the requesting email. When a spot becomes available Lawry will contact the first person on the list.

When will I hear back from you? We currently have a very limited workforce (about 7 people) to do everything from processing your orders to sending newsletters and updating both websites. With social distancing, staggered work times, and working from home we are further limited. Please trust that we are working hard and doing our very best to get you information, refunds, and orders as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Why am I charged a registration fee when I sign up? Your registration fee covers your Quilter's Affair tote bag, name tag and lanyard, and administrative costs, plus it gives you a 10% discount at Stitchin' Post during the week of Quilter's Affair and SOQS.

Is lunch available? Yes. You can pre-purchase lunches from Oliver Lemon's on this website or purchase your lunch the morning of class at Marguerite's Cafe. All lunches are ready for pickup at the high school in the commons at 11:30am. 

Where do I find class supply lists? Class supply lists will be automatically emailed to you once you've registered. You can also find them in the main menu under Info/Supply Lists.

Where is my confirmation email? A confirmation email is sent when you create an account or place an order. If you don’t see the email please check your junk mail folder.

If you have a question that isn't answered here please contact Lawry by email atlawry@stitchinpost.com