315 : Pickled Beets
315 : Pickled Beets

315 : Pickled Beets

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Latifah Saafir

1 Day - Wednesday, July 6 - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm . . . $120

Level: Confident Beginner  

Size: Baby or Lap

Pickled Beets is a fun quilt that celebrates the traditional pickle-dish shape while putting a modern spin on it. It looks great in any fabric due to the classic shapes included so have fun raiding your stash or buying new fabric! The pattern has two sizes - baby and lap. You can pick either one.There are also two orientations for you to select from: The Pickled Beets version is with the pickle-dish points pointing upwards with two background colors (like the chartreuse and white example quilt).  If you have one, instead of two, background colors and rotate it, you have the Pennants version. You can choose either style.

Pattern Required: Pickled Beets by Latifah Saafir.