523 : Chicken Challenge Workshop

523 : Chicken Challenge Workshop

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Ann Shaw

1 Day - Friday, July 8 - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm . . . $120

Level: Confident Beginner - Advanced

Size: Small Wall Hanging or Pillow Top

Chickens have often found their way into the quilt world - small wonder, given the astonishing variety of their plumage. Join us in poultry piecing to celebrate these barnyard wonders! Select from several chicken and duck patterns to create your wallhanging. A brief description introduces the design method. You will then prepare a freezer paper template for your pattern and begin the process of selecting fabrics for your design. We will also discuss sewing methods and sewing order to complete your wallhanging.

Pattern Required: Choose from Gallus Gallus, Barnyard Queen, Ruddy Rooster, Quack, or Curious Duck.